Xavi: “David Villa is at his best”

Xavi: “David Villa is at his best”

Xavi recently gave an interview to Spanish radio show “Primer Toque”, on Onda Cero radio. On the show, Xavi talked at length about his sensations at Barça, the national team, Catalunya, and his future. Below are some of the best quotes.

About Barça, he was asked about his current situation, to which he replied, “I am happier than ever here at Barça and the national team. Our style of play makes us have the ball all the time, and that’s what every football player wants. But at the same time, I am always afraid of losing the ball. I am always trying to understand the game and have as many players as we can in attack … At Barça, winning is not enough. We have to do that but also be excellent at it. It’s probably the hardest team, the most demanding team, because of people’s expectation of us.”

Xavi was, of course, asked about Real Madrid and last week’s clásico. On that, Barça’s current vice-captain said, “the last clásico showed two teams with two clear styles of football. It was a fantastic match as we both fought to win it, and anyone could have, really.” On the non-football related issues from the game, particularly Pepe’s claims about Andrés Iniesta being a diver, Xavi was clear, saying: “Andrés Iniesta is one of the most honest players out there. Pepe’s words were wrong and out of place. Those words don’t do any good, to anyone.” He also clarified that “though it might seem that Madrid is getting closer to us, I still believe we play better football.”

On his team-mates, Xavi made sure to acknowledge Busquets’s role: “He is totally underrated, but is a key player. He had such an amazing game against Madrid last week. I am in love with him…on a football basis, of course!” He also referred to other team mates, like Abidal, saying that “he should stay at the club after he retires. He is an example for young players and kids“. About Lio Messi, Xavi stated, “he will be the next Ballon d’Or, there is no other that deserves it more. He is the best not only at present but in the history of this sport.” He also noted that “winning the Ballon d’Or is not my objective.

Xavi talked about David Villa, refuting reports of him having a ‘bad’ time at Barça: “I see him better than ever, training well, making jokes, you can tell he’s enjoying himself after that long injury.

He was also asked about Mourinho, and he replied that “when Mourinho was with us, it seemed he embraced our style. I respect him a lot. He wants to win above all, and that’s completely acceptable. But his style, his game, wouldn’t fit at Barça. His football won’t go down in history for anything other than winning.”

As a prominent Catalan player, Xavi talked about current events in Catalunya, trying not to give more importance to football on this issue than necessary, saying, “I will get to vote on November 25th like any other citizen, that’s all the influence I have. I’m like any other Catalan on this matter. And I’ll be, and we will be at Barça, with whatever the Catalan people decide.”

Finally, he was asked about his future, especially if he would be interested in commenting on football on the radio. To the statement that the station would ‘give you a blank check, Xavi’, the player noted that he wouldn’t like it, as he finds it difficult: “it would be difficult for me, as I wouldn’t be capable of remembering stuff and then talk about it.” However, he gave a hint of what the future might hold for him: he said he would like to be involved with football, stay on the field, and that might mean only one thing. Maybe he will be a Pep Guardiola in a few (hopefully many) years.

Quotes taken from twitter accounts @Guardiolato, @Al_Primertoque and Onda Cero Radio. Image via Sport.