We’ve got mail: Seeing stars

We’ve got mail: Seeing stars

Most would say that FC Barcelona is an iconic entity in itself.  People of all backgrounds become culés because they relate to the club numerous ways.  Regardless of where we come from, or how tall we are, or what sort of foods we eat, the ability to be a Barca supporter is open-ended.  If you visit totalBarca, then more likely than not, you are a fan.  But outside of our fan community, who else are culés?

In this edition of We’ve got mail, let’s dive into the FCB fan-ship of celebrities…

Recently, a patron of totalBarca found this video of Canada’s number 1 tennis player, Milos Raonic.  In the video, Raonic reveals to everyone perhaps his version of what it means to have ‘skeletons in the closet’.  Watch below as we get to know Milos, particularly at 1:05, as he proves his support for his favourite football club and player.

Who else in the celebrity and sports world are closet or out-of-closet culés?  List them in the comments section and if you have proof of pictures or video, please share them.

Special thanks to Rey who is originally from Indonesia, but currently completing his Masters degree in Syndey, Australia, for sending this in.