We’ve got mail: Official FCB response to wholehearted Socio

We’ve got mail: Official FCB response to wholehearted Socio

A friend of totalBarca, Sam from the UK, who is also a proud Socio, forwarded us an official response that he received from FC Barcelona’s OAB (Supporter Services Office) with regards to why FCB members were not notified of the new shirt sponsorship arrangement.  There may not be clear answers in the following communiqué from OAB, but a special  thanks to Sam for sharing it with everyone.

Please note that this information is provided to help with creating and sharing an understanding and not to provide any sort of position.

Dear member,

First of all, we would like to thank you for sending us your comments, because they reflect the ideological diversity of such a great club as FC Barcelona.

The sponsorship agreement with Qatar Foundation, through Qatar Sports Investment, fulfills the interests of our club. It is also good because it will help FC Barcelona to resolve its most pressing problems. Qatar Sports Investment will pay FC Barcelona 165 million €. Thanks to this agreement, the brand “FC Barcelona” will stand as the undisputed leader in the world football market, leaving its international competitors far behind.

FC Barcelona has not signed an agreement with a commercial brand, but with a foundation –Qatar Foundation- that shares the same values as the club. In doing so, we strengthen the message of solidarity on FC Barcelona’s jersey. Qatar Foundation is a non governmental organization with non profit motive that was founded in 1945 and was built on three pillars: education, science and research. The foundation is open to everybody. We would like to point out that Unicef is collaborating with the Qatari Government and that the country is constructively working in favour of children’s rights. Qatar has positively responded to the suggestions given by Unicef in order to improve certain policies and practices related to children.

This agreement responds to the delicate financial situation of the club. For the time being, the money that FC Barcelona will receive will help pay the club’s debt, so that FC Barcelona can be a stronger club in the near future. It is true that we had other options to combat the debt (we could raise membership fees, sell the club’s patrimony or disband some sports sections), but the Board has not considered these options.

Finally, in 2003 the delegates approved the possibility of signing a sponsorship deal for FC Barcelona’s jersey, therefore another debate in the Assembly was not needed. However, in the next [Delegates’] Assembly the representatives will be provided with all the information available, because FC Barcelona members are the owners of the club. If they believed it necessary, the delegates could contest and stop the agreement with Qatar Foundation.

Once again, thank you for sending us your comments.

Happy New Year 2011

[Manager] Office of Attention Supporter of Barcelona Football Club