totalBarça Anniversary Special: Meet the tB gang!

totalBarça Anniversary Special: Meet the tB gang!

From September 6 to September 15, we will be sharing with you a series of birthday celebration posts from the team at totalBarça to celebrate the site’s 2-year anniversary. We hope that you will enjoy each post leading up to totalBarca’s 2nd birthday and join us in celebrating this wonderful occasion. September 15, 2011 – totalBarca turns 2 years old!!

After reading about Spencer and Stevenson, and exploring the fascinating world of Pep sweater collection, it’s time to return to two more of our team members: Ivich and Shekhu. Learn a bit more about them after the jump.


Writer/Editor based in Mumbai, India

While I do own a jersey, I thought why not show that blaugrana love is everywhere - in a taxi with blaugrana seat covers. Image credit: Saumya Ancheri

Hola! I am Ivich, who inspired by Alleke, wades through Mumbai traffic saying ‘Xavi! Xavi!! Xavi!!!” hoping that thousands of miles away he’d actually hear my call and come dashing to Mumbai and say…

That’s where the dream ends and I return to the rather Mourinho-like sucky reality that is life. I am a journalist, who secretly uses her office PC for scandalous activities (but enlightening for me) like looking at photos of Afellay and other Barça hotties, watching great Barça video compilations, visiting the club’s official site as well as many other football sites trying to hunt for Barca-related news that tB could make available to you before you say “Xavi is Mine”.

Among my family and friends, I am also known as the founder of the crazy (highly-effective according to me) Barça Diet™, which entails giving up anything chocolatey, ice-cream, milkshake, pastries, cakes, all sorts of junk food and other desirable delicacies in the belief that by my immense sacrifice for anything ambrosial, Barça will win. FYI, whenever I have cheated on the diet, Barça has lost or drawn or just about squeezed a victory. It has been around for the last two and a half years, and I don’t need to tell you how many trophies we have accumulated in that time period.

Now that you know about the diet, you should also know how I got acquainted with totalBarça. The site has been my one-stop destination for everything Barça ever since it was established. The fact that one of its former contributors happened to be working in the same building as me, just proves that the world indeed is a small place. At totalBarça, I have been lucky enough to not just experience and celebrate what is turning out to be one of the best periods in the history of the club, but also befriend cules from across the world. As a writer and editor for the site, the challenge now is to ensure that the site continues growing and as staff members we keep learning and getting better, much like Guardiola’s players. More importantly, to never let our passion wither, even when the good times are not as consistent as they are now.

Recommended reading: Being a journalist, the biggest thrill for me is when I have been able to write something entirely original for the site. So a high point in my year-long stint here has been to interview Diver & Aguilar, the official photographers of the club, for the site. We also got some amazing photographs for our archives that few Barça sites can boast of.


Editor/Chat room administrator based in New Delhi, India (originally from Bhopal, a small town in Central India)

"Shekhu in his Barca goodies gifted by his best friends"

Most people know me as a random Madridista in the chatroom but jokes aside I have been a fan of FC Barcelona for the past twelve years.

I started supporting Barcelona right after the 1998 World Cup. Rivaldo, my then favorite player brought me to the club. And I stayed with it for good. THAT overhead goal by Rivaldo is still fresh in my memory.

After initial interest I began learning about the club and other players, history and the culture of the city. Staying up late, reading any article that I came across, debating and defending the club with friends became a norm. “I am a fan of FC Barcelona” gradually transformed to “I love FC Barcelona” and that love is getting bigger each day.

I came across the fcbtransfers blog by Pep during a random search for Barça news and got hooked on it. I used to keep it open and refresh it almost every hour. Later, I gave my tidbits as a contribution to that blog during its final moments. When the blog stopped, I was one of the many readers who never wanted the spirit of fcbtransfers to die, and we started totalBarça. I remember celebrating our 500th pageview, our 100th post, etc. Editing those posts was fun, and it was even better because I got first hand access to every piece of news, even before the readers! Everyone put an extraordinary effort out of their lives for a voluntary project to provide news of all types, be it opinion pieces, transfers, news, or even Crackovia. I was an active editor earlier then slowed down due to my workload; but now too I manage to get in some pieces once in a while. I started an IT Company a while ago so my role at totalBarça could change from editing to something-IT [ tB bosses give my company some work. Pweez! :( ].

My ultimate dream is to have a ride on my bike from my hometown Bhopal to Barcelona. Like everything else, someday I will.

Recommended reading: Spencer and Allas are the two jewels of totalBarça. I enjoy all their posts. Their insight and knowledge of football is commendable.

There is one specific article, although not written by me, that comes from a very personal corner of my heart. Paolo Martin, a great person, a friend, and a rival was forced to leave this world due to an illness. His friends decided to pay tribute to him by sending around a Real Madrid flag to each other which they signed and in the end, they finally gave it to his family. This article is an account of the journey of that flag.

Editor’s note: This concludes our series of team member profiles. We know that your favourite contributor here at totalBarça may not have been featured. We wish we could have introduced you to everyone that works for and with us, but participation was strictly voluntary (like everything here at the site!). More celebratory offside posts are still to come.