totalBarça Anniversary Special: Meet the tB gang!

totalBarça Anniversary Special: Meet the tB gang!

From September 6 to September 15, we will be sharing with you a series of birthday celebration posts from the team at totalBarça to celebrate the site’s 2-year anniversary. We hope that you will enjoy each post leading up to totalBarca’s 2nd birthday and join us in celebrating this wonderful occasion. September 15, 2011 – totalBarca turns 2 years old!!

On Saturday we met Harshawardhan and RobertoCurtis. Today it’s the turn of Spencer and Stevenson, who’ve luckily both found a way to prevent their rugged good looks from crashing the site. Learn a bit more about them after the jump.


Writer based in Liverpool, England

Hola i Bon Dia to all the other totalBarcio’s out there! It is me, Spencer.

Sure I haven’t been around a lot of late but I am still here and still totalBarça for sure. Most of you will know me as a writer of often nonsensical rambling articles for our beloved site, most of which centre around my love for Xavi Hernandez and Seydou Keita, but after sharing my image with you all today I now thoroughly expect to become the site’s regular pretty-face, poster-boy!! What can I say, I am a rather handsome creature even if I am rather ungroomed and have a certain far off look in my eyes that suggests that I’m not really there.

Anyways, for those who do not know I currently reside in Liverpool, England, thus my little pet the Super Lamb Banana, which you can see cuddled up on my Barca jersey. The SBL is an animal only found in Liverpool but one that I think you will all share my affection for if you visit and take a look at my fair city and the strange fruit shaped creatures that dwell within it…and no I do not mean Liverpool FC’s current midfield line-up.

As a long time Barça fan and club member I can say that it has been a great honour and privilege to work for the site during this amazing period of the club’s recent history, watching arguably the greatest football team of all time surrounded by other committed Barça obsessives has proved a real thrill and I look forward to sharing more beautiful days with you all in the not too distant future!!

So what more is there to say really other than thank you to everyone involved with the site for making it such a pleasure – from the other writers, editors and technical whiz kids (you know who you are!!) to all the folks who check in on a daily basis, sending us your comments, opinions and words of wisdom – it is very much appreciated and it has all served to make totalBarça the site it is today.

As for the club, as for the site – onwards and upwards we go towards the future! Arm in arm and side by side, fighting the good fight for the beautiful game!

Visca Barca! Visca Catalunya!
Visca totalBarça and all who sail within her!!!


Writer based in Oakland, California, United States

I’ve spent a lot of time in Spain, but my memories always come back to a winter in Barcelona in the late 1990s. During that time, I made weekly pilgrimages to the Bar Bambi II where I became acquainted with Luis Enrique, Rivaldo, Luis Figo and Patrick Kluivert.  I watched the team’s exploits in the company of drunks, thieves, clueless tourists, and passionate fans, all united under the banner of the beautiful game.

1998 and 1999 were epic years for the club, and I continued to follow the team after I returned to San Francisco. I’ve gone back to Barcelona many times since then, and some of my favorite evenings have been of spent in the company of fellow cules in modest watering holes, watching the team we love.

Writing for totalBarça connects me concretely with Catalonia, and with a present in which Barcelona represents the zenith of modern football. These are glorious times for Barcelona fans around the world, and I feel privileged to help share them with all of you.


As for the picture, yes, that’s Lenin. He’s a Barça fan too.

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Stay tuned for another anniversary post tomorrow.