We’ve got mail: Barça dominating Facebook Memology

We’ve got mail: Barça dominating Facebook Memology

Are you on Facebook?  Sure you are.  Are you a fan of totalBarca’s Facebook page?  We certainly hope s0!

Since you are on Facebook, you may have contributed to the Memology that took place during 2011.  Especially after the most recent win during El Clasico.  Nonetheless, Facebook recently revealed the top trending ‘status updates’ of the year – can you guess which athlete and which sports team was the most mentioned?

According to Mashable’s report, the number one athlete that trended the most on Facebook users’ statuses was… Leo Messi.  Did you notice who was the second most?  Of course you did.  Third spot went to American wrestler John Cena.

The number one sports team that trended the most in 2011 was… You guessed it, FC Barcelona.  The second most popular?  Indeed, it was Real Madrid, who was ahead of Manchester United.

Now, if only totalBarca can reach the ranks of the top sports communities of all time…

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