Poll: Barca’s mascot

Poll: Barca’s mascot

There are some pretty interesting team mascots out there in the sporting world.  Let’s feature some of them here and then loop back to talk about FCB’s, shall we?

Let’s start in North America.

Major League Baseball seems to have a fair number of mascots.  Perhaps it’s safe to assume that so many mascots exist due to the length of baseball games.  Do you recognize these chaps?

Philadelphia Phillies Phanatic

NY Mets’ Mr. Met

Moving on to NBA basketball, let’s throw a curve ball to include a Canadian-based team:

Toronto Raptors’ Mascot

NFL football’s Pittsburgh Steelers tries to add a human touch to theirs:

Steely McBeam

Finally, in the European footballing world:

Hull City’s Rory the Tiger

Mallorca’s El Demonio

Coming back to our club – aside from Barca’s living Santa mascot, what would you suggest to FCB to be the club’s mascot?