Barça, unfair to Bojan

Barça, unfair to Bojan

The following is a translation of a piece written by Albert Llimós for Barcelona based newspaper Sport. The original article can be found here.

He does not deserve this. His behavior has been exemplary, with a face of a little boy who has never broken a plate, with his angelic smile, even with a certain naivete in his actions which were the result of his age. Four years in the first team, more than 800 goals in the youth teams, the top scorer in the youth system of Barcelona … he has not done much. Now he trains alone in Bellpuig.

After a short life devoted to his beloved team, Bojan has been treated unfairly. Maybe it’s because of some bad actions which slowed the negotiations. But the Barcelona representatives and the club has decided that the signing of Alexis Sanchez is the priority. After closing the deal with the Chilean, the young Catalan boy from Linyola could leave. This possible scenario has been repeated ad nauseum from the offices of Camp Nou. And really, just few understand. Why is the case of Bojan not a priority for the club? The people around the player bite their tongues. They do not want war with the club, Barça remains the home of Bojan. The player also knows that leaving the club in a bad atmosphere will definitely shut the door for a future comeback. He survived difficult moments and followed the market speculations.

In terms of the sport he have been left out. It’s a coaching decision. And in the case of coaching, here decides – and he has full right to do it- Guardiola. (Also Zubi, who is entitled to make decisions by the successes of last year). Time will tell if it will be a good decision or an error, we will see if Bojan was not good enough for the first team of FC Barcelona or if he will succeed in Rome and come back home with full honors.

There will be time to evaluate this move. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Without fanfare, but with a clear messege that Barça has not lived up to its reputation. Bojan does not deserve it.