Cuenca’s girlfriend responds to Guardiola

Cuenca’s girlfriend responds to Guardiola

In his press conference after the manita victory against Levante, coach Pep Guardiola praised Isaac Cuenca’s football but perhaps not his appearance, in one comment that appeared as yesterday’s Quote of the Day here on totalBarça. Our readers responded to this quote, and now it’s the turn of Carme Torres, Isaac Cuenca’s girlfriend, to react to the statement from FC Barcelona’s coach. Her comments, originally found here in Mundo Deportivo, are translated below.

“Physically speaking he might not be popular with the ladies, but on the field he does things that will amaze you. He does his work perfectly, but perfectly! [He’s] at a very good level.” Saturday night, after the 5-0 victory for Barça over Levante, Pep Guardiola used this curious off the cuff statement to praise the football of Isaac Cuenca, scorer of his second league goal, although along the way he questioned in amusing form his physical attractiveness.

To discuss this unexpected second topic of rabid present importance (because in the sport no one can dispute the great performance of the player from Reus), Mundo Deportivo has been able to locate today the voice with the most authority on the subject: Carme Torres, the girlfriend of the blaugrana forward, a beautiful and young girl from Sabadell who came out in defense of her beloved with good humor.

The first time that I saw Isaac a year ago in Sabadell, I said to myself: here is [the one] for me,” explained Carme with the best of smiles, remarking that “for me he is the best, I’m proud of who he is inside and out. To me [he’s who] I like and it is enough.”

The girlfriend of Cuenca wished to clarify that she wasn’t bothered by the words of Guardiola, quite the opposite because  she grasped the message that was clear from the words of the coach, similar to what he said once in praise of Andrés Iniesta, when he emphasized that he “does not wear earrings nor have tattoos, but he loves football.”

Carme, a political sciences student and great fan of football, stated that “I understand that Guardiola refers to the fact that he is a humble boy, not conceited, and I agree with him in that this has to continue because it is very important to have your feet on the ground. This is [what he was like when] I met him and he will not change.”

Isaac and Carme, both 20 years old, met in Sabadell when the forward played there under the orders of Lluís Carreras, in a team that achieved promotion to the Second Division with a great contribution from the forward. In the Vallesana town he not only found his athletic maturity, making a leap in competitive quality that today is benefiting Barça, but he also found the company of Carme. The good harmony of the couple, who reside in Sabadell, is reflected in the photograph to which MD has had access.