Zubizarreta: “We are in the final stage of negotiations”

Zubizarreta: “We are in the final stage of negotiations”

Sports director Andoni Zubizarreta has acknowledged that the negotiations for the arrival of Alexis Sánchez and the exit of Bojan Krkic are “in their final stage“. Speaking of Cesc, Zubizarreta has defended their negotiations, which he has stated have been ‘clean’.

In a joint press conference with Josep Guardiola, Andoni Zubizarreta has reviewed name by name the players involved in the blaugrana’s transfer market dealings. In the cases of Alexis Sánchez and Bojan Krkic, the end of the negotiations are close. “The three sides have worked hard and we understand that we are in the final stage of the negotiation,” Zubi stated about the Chilean, whom he expects will “be here with us quite soon“. “At times the end [of the negotiations] are long, but we expect that there will be a happy ending,” he added.

On Bojan, Zubi supposes that “in a short time the finalizing of the agreement will be produced” between AS Roma and FC Barcelona and that, for that reason, “we have considered that it was best for them [Bojan and Roma] to work on their own“. Bojan, with permission of the club, has not joined the first team in training, as he works to resolve his future.

Many more names have been spoken in the press room. One of them, the most persistent: that of Cesc Fàbregas. Zubizarreta has defended a style and a way for the club to try to sign him cleanly: “Our position is one of maximum respect toward Arsenal, because it is the Club who is the proprietor of the player. From there, our job is to broach positions and to create proposals that can be of interest to Arsenal. We do not have a style of doing [these] things by force, although there are people who consider only interest as the finished deal.”

Zubizarreta has also expressed the opinion of the Club on Jeffren Suarez. “He knows the situation of the first team. We are looking with him and his agent to see which is the best option and the best place for him to continue playing football,” he stated. Subsequently, Zubi wanted to clarify that “the market is not as active as the media says,” and that “the proposals made to the Club are very limited“. As an example, he noted the few signings that have taken place so far among the large European teams.

Beyond the new arrivals and exits, Zubizarreta has also assessed the situation of Éric Abidal, whose contract finishes on June 30, 2012. “We had a proposal of renewal before his illness and, once he overcame this, we resumed the negotiations. From here, we will try to reach an agreement,” he explained.

The last name discussed was that of Gabriel Milito, and of him there is no news: “Milito has a contract, will be here on the 8th of August and we will work with him.”

Source: fcbarcelona.cat