Stadium Sponsorship?

Stadium Sponsorship?

While we were worrying about our team’s future in the Champions League, the directive board was thinking of changing the name of the stadium. Another thing that we could have had in common with Arsenal, a stadium with the name of a brand. Apparently, the deal did not go through because Qatar Foundation was not offering enough money. Nonetheless, the issue is on the agenda and it could take off with the Palau Blaugrana. The question remains in the air: do we need to sell another part of our history to improve our finances? Below is the piece that was on Sport today.

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FC Barcelona considered selling the Camp Nou name

Florentino Perez used his trip to the Middle East to study on-site the possibility of renaming the Santiago Bernabeu stadium with a trademark name, such as Fly Emirates, the same that sponsors Arsenal and Milan, in order to increase revenues. The Real Madrid president is considering an option that has been ruled out by Barca. FCB’s directive board have also been studying the possibility that the Qatar Foundation sponsor the name of the stadium. However, the amount offered by the Foundation apparently was too low considering the club’s prestige. This is the reason that stopped this decision of renaming the Camp Nou.

The amount of money involved was 5 million Euros per season, in which Barca could have entered in agreement for renaming the stadium. This figure did not satisfy the directive board who have put the negociations on hold for the moment while waiting for the market to provide a more profitable contract.

The club would consider renaming the stadium only as an emergency measure, in case it is needed to relieve the alleged economic crisis at the club. The board would only start negotiations again in case of a clear need.

Naming the sports stadium with a trademark name is a widespread custom in English speaken countries, especially in the US. English football has recently adopted this practice in order to earn revenue through sponsorship of stadiums. Last Wednesday Barca played at the ‘Emirates Stadium’, the field of Bolton is called ‘Reebok Stadium’and Wigan recently changed the name of its stadium to DW, which are the initials of the owner of JJB company, David Whelan. In Germany, many clubs have their stadiums renamed under brand names, such as Allianz and Volkswagen.

The figures involved in these sorts of sponsorships vary from one country to another and especially from one club to another. Arsenal, a club that Barca could take as a reference for a similar deal, has signed a sponsorship deal with Fly Emirates for 15 years, in exchange for 114 million euros, but with a twist: in the period 2006-2021 , the aviation company will sponsor the name of the stadium, and for the time between 2006-2014, their name will also be in the first team shirt.

The new Palau Blaugrana could be renamed

The Palau Blaugrana could become the first sports stadium owned by Barca that changes its name to a brand sponsorship due to economic needs. The new Palau, which its construction is under electoral plans of Sandro Rosell, could serve as a test for a bigger deal, such as the Camp Nou name, but only if a known brand makes an offer.