AS “doctored” image controversy

AS “doctored” image controversy
The image used on the said AS paper edition is on top

How low can they get? While most of us here know just how bad Madrid-based media are treating FC Barcelona, this kind of news-spin is just unacceptable. Personally we at ‘totalBarca’ would not even make a comment about what the papers or other media are distributing as we are used to fabricated stories made by British tabloids such as made-up quotes but there is a limit to what we can take.

Posted everywhere in the Spanish media today is an image used by AS in its paper edition to highlight a wrong call made by the referee in Sunday night’s Barca vs Bilbao match, in allowing Alves to continue playing before crossing the ball to Villa for the match’s first goal. What’s attracting the attention of everyone is the “disappearance” of a Bilbao player that played the Brazilian in.

Credit to them, the paper took responsibility and quickly came out with an apology the next day on its online edition after receiving a wave of protests from readers. AS blamed a glitch in their automated video software called ‘videoma’ for the blunder.

According to the paper, the ‘videoma’ chooses the best video stills taken at 0.15 seconds intervals and merges the images – overlapping them into one before edited with ‘Photoshop’, hence the error – i.e the missing Bilbao player was the fault of software and not human.

While this explanation can be accepted, this is not the first time an “error” has been made by this paper, ironically also a Barca borderline move not-called by the referee. A few weeks back, an image posted on its online edition “deleted” the two-tone pitch lines so a Barca player, seen from the camera angle, seemed far offside when in truth, with the lines left as it is, clearly showed he’s marginally onside.