Alexis Sanchez: “I want to follow in Messi’s footsteps”

Alexis Sanchez: “I want to follow in Messi’s footsteps”

Very relaxed and willing to answer everything put forth to him by reporters at a press conference in connection with the signing of his new sponsorship deal with Movistar in Chile, Alexis Sanchez left no topic untouched.

Asked if he’ll one day return to Chile to ply his trade there, he answered, “You never know but I’d like to come to Colo Colo some day. Who knows what may happen in the future. Perhaps I could end my career in Europe.”

Discussing his relationship with his Argentinean teammate Lionel Messi, the best player in the world, Alexis said, “We get along well. He is the only one who understands my jokes because I speak very fast. Víctor Valdés always tells me ‘Chilean, I don’t understand anything that you are saying’.”

Obviously admiring his Barça teammates’ determination, epitomised by Messi’s work ethic, the player added, “He’s always ready to play and never gets tired. He is the most important [player in the team] not just for his footballing qualities, but also for his personal qualities. It’s almost like being in a family. I’m learning something everyday. I think this team wants to win things and I will follow Messi’s lead by trying to win it all.”

He insisted he’s happy with the progression of his career and said being chosen as one of Italy’s best player while he was with Udinese the highlight of it all so far, while downplaying his contributions in FC Barcelona’s successes since he joined at the start of the season: “At Barcelona I have to take it step by step. I haven’t done anything yet. But more important than titles and money is the person inside.”

On his coach Josep Guardiola, Alexis said, “He’s always thinking about the next game, and there’s no time to correct the details as we are always playing on Wednesday and Sunday. He’s never satisfied with what he has and he always wants more.”

Told of Real Madrid’s domination of the league this season, Sanchez responded: “We beat them 3-1 recently. I don’t know what dominance you’re talking about. It’s been all Barça for a while now.”

The striker also had some words for his Chilean teammate who was recently signed by Napoli in Italy, Eduardo Vargas.

“I wish him well in his career and [hope he] commits himself to continue playing as he always does. As a Chilean I want him to win the South American footballer of the year award instead of Neymar,” said the player.

Finally, asked if Copa Sudamericana champion Universidad de Chile under Jorge Sampaoli is comparable to Barcelona, the player shrugged off the suggestion by saying, “When Udinese was doing well they were compared to Barcelona too.”

Source: El Mercurio (Chile), EFE; Image: Reuters