Alexis Sanchez aka Santa

Alexis Sanchez aka Santa

Viejito Pascuero, that’s what they call the jolly fat Old Man Christmas in Chile. And the unique difference between him and the usual depiction of Santa is that the Santa in the South American country is smaller in size, supposedly because the chimneys in Chile are smaller. This gift-giver also rides a reindeer-driven sleigh (  Well, that suits Alexis Sanchez’s built just fine, and as for his sleigh, it was something else.

Little was known of Alexis Sanchez’s personality before he joined FC Barcelona, especially in his native Chile. This could just be a tradition that the town practices for who knows since when, but it seems for the past few years at least, come Christmas, the footballer would ride back into Tocopilla, his hometown, along with his friends and be that gift-giving ‘fat’ jolly ‘Old’ Man, and bring happiness to the children in the festive season. His own way of giving back to his community.

As reported by, he was a tad late yesterday that people in Tocopilla thought he might have reneged on his promise. Even the freelance photographer who had travelled to the small town (population 31,000) just to capture the event left, without seeing Alexis.

But Alexis is a man true to his words. Riding a fully-laden truck accompanied by a convoy of cars, he rode into town distributing gifts, toys and balls, all signed with his name, bringing cheer to the young and not-so-young. He’s an idol to them, a true one in every sense of the word, that little Santa.

Santa Sanchez

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