Fabregas: “This is Barcelona and we’re obliged to win every game”

Fabregas: “This is Barcelona and we’re obliged to win every game”

FIFA.com has begun a countdown to the FIFA Club World Cup with a series of interviews with the players who will take part in the competition to be held in Japan. After talking to FC Barcelona striker Pedro and Santos coach Muricy Ramalho, this time FIFA spoke to FC Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas. The Catalan player, who was in a jovial mood, shared his thoughts on the upcoming competition, its host nation Japan and how he is adapting to his childhood club. You can read the complete transcript here. Excerpts from the interview after the jump.

Do you think your versatility has helped in this respect – you’ve played almost everywhere on the pitch – and if you could choose, what position would you take?

“(Laughs) It’s true, I’ve played inside [right and left], on the wings, up front, in the hole… I’ve had to adapt to the circumstances because I’d always played central midfield, which is where I feel best. That said, I try to do what’s asked of me no matter where I’m deployed, and in this system I feel very comfortable wherever I find myself.”

Returning to club matters, you have the big showdown with Real Madrid on 10 December, then the FIFA Club World Cup right afterwards. Can you sense the pressure?

“This is Barcelona and we’re obliged to win every game. It’s what people expect. That makes it mandatory for us and we have to deliver. It’s the same for Real Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester United, Juventus and Bayern, among others. That’s just the way it is at big clubs.”

How do you feel heading into your first FIFA Club World Cup?

Very enthusiastic, naturally. I don’t know Japan as this will be my first time there. We’ll need to adapt quickly, though, as we go straight into a very tough game with very little time to prepare. It will also be a long journey with time zone complications involved. But as I said before, the only thing that matters is winning the world title, which is what we’ll be trying to do.”

Are you keen to discover Japan as a country?

For sure, although it will be difficult. Like it or not, we’re going there to play and do a job… We’ll be trying to win a trophy, so we’ll leave the sightseeing to the friends and family that come with us. I’m sure we’ll have a few showing up. After all, this is Japan! (laughs)” 

Source: www.fifa.com; Image credit: REUTERS/Albert Gea