David Villa struggling to find form? No!

David Villa struggling to find form? No!

Debates have recently emerged regarding new Barca signing David Villa’s form. Well, actually not concerning his playing abilities but rather his goal scoring ones. . . .

‘El Guaje’ is yet to find a similar number of goals to what he used to score last year with only a few so far this season. But something most football fans don’t realize is the player’s role in other missions on the pitch. Plus there are many other reasons that have contributed to the issue Villa is suffering from. 

David Villa, sweating to impress

Until this moment, David has scored four goals in the past two months of club football – two in the UEFA Champions League and two in La Liga. The following are the most obvious reasons for this so called “dip” in form: 

1) Exhaustion

David has played continuously last year receiving little time to rest so he can get rid of the pressure and get back his fitness. Still he is managing to play an important role on the pitch for club and country. He was joint top scorer at the South Africa World Cup 2010. He was almost the only goal scoring player for Spain as Torres was very, very, very out of form during the WC. Still he manages to continue his footballing displays which entertain us every week.

Tired From Winning

2) Pressure

 The pressure a goal scoring machine like David goes through is almost unbearable, yet still he manages to wake up every day, go to training and perform both in the midweek and weekend. David is also known for his hard work and constant running on the pitch with or without the ball. That is what makes a player unique… his ability to play under pressure and give great displays like the ones ‘El Guaje’ gives.

A bit of rest and fun would be great, won't it Gerard ?

3) Change of Position & Team Style

We must all take into account the changes that have come to David’s footballing life after he moved north to the great Catalan capital of Barcelona.

David is still seeking his time to fully gel and find his goal scoring self again, but this time in a new team and a new style. Initially, David was and played like the only goal scoring asset at Valencia – he was the one who played most matches and scored in the majority of them. In Barca it is different. Barca plays a mixture between Total Football and the Spanish Tiki-Taka style of passing so the team is required to share the goals and positions – you shouldn’t be surprised when David is defending while Maxwell is attacking for example. People might say that last year Messi was the only goal scorer for Barca, well, last year was different circumstances because Ibra was at the club. People might also say that this is not true since David plays in Spain with the same players he plays with at Barca so that’s no excuse. Well that’s false cause in Spain Villa scored the high portion of goals all the time while other players supported him, at Barca Villa is required to score and support other players to help them score.

It wasn't the same over there!

4) No luck

He has scored a record breaking number of times. David is surely lacking some luck in front of goal – too many wonderful shots, chips and slots past the keepers have gone to hit the post. It’s very unlucky. His luck will be back (no worries) and he will shine when needed – Clasico anyone?! Note that Eto’o once had a goal drought a few years ago for six games, this drought came to an end at the UEFA Champions League final, where he scored perhaps one of the most important goals of his career. 

Will this ever end? Oh yes it will!

 And finally, I would just like to tell you all that David Villa is still the same David Villa of Valencia and Spain. It is just in a different way now – recently we ‘ve seen him support Messi and assist him a few times and we should observe his movement rather than his number of goals. The goals will come, don’t worry. We should just have faith in ‘El Guaje’ and his abilities, for glory is temporary but greatness and class are permanent. The coming days will prove my point that Villa is perfect for Barca and that he is better than Ibra who would have never fit into Barca’s eternal style, humility and greatness. Every player passes through a drought… This is Villa’s, it’s a special one.

Visca El Barça i Visca David Villa!

Afterall... Success!

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