Rosell to use clout in search of a solution for Dani

Rosell to use clout in search of a solution for Dani

Having to balance its budget more cautiously after declaring the club finances are deep in the red, FC Barcelona, in recent weeks, is finding it hard to come to terms with Dani Alves’s demands in his new contract negotiation.

Pledging an ‘austerity policy’ since taking over in July of this year, the new board under the direction of Rosell had to make a lot of changes to the way contracts are negotiated, and that means no more exorbitant salary hikes.

While the board views the 27-year-old Brazilian right-back an integral part of Pep Guardiola’s setup, it is not willing to go against the promise made. Not wanting to upset the wage structure they set for the club as a whole, an alternative solution has to be found to satisfy the player’s expectations, and fend off advances made by other clubs that had made better offers.

Apart from bonuses and incentives already put forward, other inventive proposals are also laid out on the table. Among them is a deal with Herbalife International – a nutrition and skincare products manufacturer that may use Dani as the face to represent its products in Brazil. Another is renegotiating the contract Barca has with multinational sportswear maker Nike – a deal only set to expire in 2013. The present agreement, worth around €150 million, does include a clause whereby the contract can be extended another five years until 2018.

According to ‘’, club president Sandro Rosell, known for his business acumen and a former Nike executive himself, is said to be personally involved in these difficult negotiations. While both sides seem to be at loggerheads with each other for now, one thing is certain, a solution has to be found by all means.

That is because, as reported by both ‘’ and ‘EMD’, in their face-to-face meeting held recently, Sandro Rosell promised Guardiola he’ll do everything he can to hold on to the player.