Mino Raiola: “Cruyff can go to hell”; Barcelona responds

Mino Raiola: “Cruyff can go to hell”; Barcelona responds

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s agent, Mino Raiola, has once again lashed out at Pep Guardiola and this time included Johan Cruyff in his rants.

Cruyff recently said at the Football Awards ceremony that “it’s very special to play in a club like Barca.  The people are completely different than in the rest of Spain.  They have their idiosyncrasies and you have to adjust to them.  It’s a difficult culture.”

He also concluded that “Ibra fits in better in Italy”.

Raiola responded by saying: “You know what I have to say to Cruyff?  He can go to hell.  He’s a Mr. Nobody.  He’s becoming senile and doesn’t have the courage to continue coaching.  He doesn’t know how to coach a modern club.”

Why didn’t Cruyff tell Barca that Zlatan wouldn’t fit in before they bought him?”

Raiola then included Guardiola in the rant and said, “I think that Cruyff and Guardiola should go to a mental hospital and sit quietly while they play cards.  They’d be doing a huge favor for Barca.  There is a game called Memory that is for kids.  It’s a card game where you have to find four cards of the same kind.  Guardiola and Cruyff can sit there and play that.

The following is the statement issued in response by FC Barcelona:

FC Barcelona statement

FC Barcelona would like to state that we consider that recent statements by agent Mino Raiola are unacceptable as he has again questioned the honour and moral integrity of our first-team coach Josep Guardiola and that of Johan Cruyff.

The statements were published in Swedish newspaper ‘Expressen’ and reproduced extensively by numerous agencies and international media outlets.

For this reason, the FC Barcelona legal department is considering taking legal measures against Mr. Raiola, including taking him to court. With immediate effect FC Barcelona is blocking all pending payments to Mr. Raiola in relation to his contractual agreements with the club.