Iniesta: “Being a role model for kids is more satisfying than awards”

Iniesta: “Being a role model for kids is more satisfying than awards”

The health club magazine ‘DiR Emotions’ presented an interview with FC Barcelona and Spanish international midfielder Andres Iniesta (26), and Catalan news daily Sport had a summary of the interview. Read after the jump a translation of Sport’s article, which can be found here.  The original interview can be found here.

Andrés Iniesta is not going out of style.  He is a valued commodity.  With his stock rising.  Professional both on and off the field.  Humble despite the dazzling and weighty collection of trophies that he has collected with FC Barcelona (13) and with the Spanish national team (2).  The versitile player from La Mancha, raised in Barcelona’s cantera, is the cover number 22 for the magazine ‘DiR Emotions’ that is published by the Fitness Clubs DiR.  And, in an interview by Carme Barceló, he continues showing the same human and sensible character.  An exceptional person.  In capital letters.

Iniesta, in the pages of this publication, assures that “I don’t recommend to anyone that they think they are ‘too cool,’ even if they are the champion of the world.  You should always keep your feet on the ground.” He adds that he “speaks for me” and that “I surround myself with family, who are the greatest thing that I have and they are the most normal.”

He doesn’t and won’t forget that “everything that I am they and the people around me have instilled in me.  At times, because of of who you are, you are exposed to the world, you should know how to put up a shield that, on one hand isolates you and on the other, keeps you balanced.”

Another topic that is touched on in the pages of ‘DiR Emotions’ is his future fatherhood. An exprience that he awaits with impatience and maximum excitement. Andrés and his companion are expecting their first child, a girl, whom they already lovingly, and with a tender smile, call “the little princess.”

“It’s nice to think about fatherhood.  I’m very excited and looking forward to it.  Everyone says that it is incredible, and I am eager to live this experience,” he confesses.

Iniesta knows that “I want to instill the values that my parents gave to me.  In this, they are the authentic number one, the champions of the world.”

In his excitement, he tells her a story… “Once upon a time there was a young boy who always had the dream to play in the First Division, to be a good football player and a good person, and who never thought that he would be able to enjoy all that he has achieved up until now.  He was a boy who would have been content with much less, but thanks to all and all that surrounded him it was possible.  And this boy is your father…”

Iniesta also confesses that “being a role model for kids is more satisfying to me than awards.”