Barça come second in football rich-list

Barça come second in football rich-list

According to a report by British-based accountancy firm Deloitte, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are currently the top two teams in world football when it comes to finances, with the Blaugrana overtaking Manchester United to take second place. Deloitte claim to “compare clubs using revenue from day to day football operations which we believe is the best publicly available financial comparison” for the  2008/2009 season, and as such found the bitter rivals to both be pulling in strong profits, with Real being the first team in any sport to break the 400 million euros total.

But their Catalan counter-parts revenue books were nothing to be sniffed at, with Barca making the biggest out and out profit for the season just past. “FC Barcelona’s exceptional season on the pitch, winning the domestic double and the UEFA Champions League, helped drive the largest year on year absolute revenue growth of any Money League club with a €57m increase to €366m resulting in the club returning to second place in the list and completing a Spanish one-two” at the top of the table.

A key factor thought to have increased the strength of the La Liga teams’ standings is the current weakening of the Pound against the Euro, which has resulted in Manchester United, last year’s number two, slipping down to third, although there are no other Spanish clubs featured in the lists top 20.

The list confirms what many pundits already suspected and that’s the importance of revenue created through the Champions League, with 13 of the top 20 playing in the competition, bringing their combined earnings from Champions League involvement to nearly 500 million euros, with a large sum of that going to the team that eventually lifts the cup, which of course last season was our very own FC Barcelona.

Below is the List’s top 20 in full, with the clubs’ profit total in euros printed beside the team name.

1 Real Madrid                      € 401.4 million

2 Barcelona                      € 365.9 m

3 Manchester United       € 327.0 m

4 Bayern Munich               € 289.5 m

5 Arsenal                             € 263.0 m

6 Chelsea                              € 242.3 m

7 Liverpool                         €  217.0 m

8 Juventus                          €  203.2 m

9 Internazionale              € 196.5 m

10 Milan                                € 196.5 m

11 Hamburg                          € 146.7 m

12 Roma                                € 146.4 m

13 Lyon                                 € 139.6 m

14 Marseille                         € 133.2 m

15 Tottenham Hotspur   € 132.7 m

16 Schalke                            € 124.5 m

17 Werder Bremen           € 114.7 m

18 Borussia Dortmund   € 103.5 m

19 Manchester City         € 102.2 m

20Newcastle United       € 101.0 m