Chants: Força Barça!

Chants: Força Barça!

This week’s chant, as you will see, is a very old one. There was even a TV humour sports programme (a la Crackòvia) about Barça called: “Força Barça”.

It’s easy and you have may have heard the music before in a Barça toons clip, as they used to put this music at the end of the cartoons.

To chant it you just have to repeat this:

“Força Barça!” (drums or applauses following the rhythm)

Which would mean: “Long live Barça” or “Go Barça”

Let’s see an example from the opening of the TV programme mentioned above:

Here’s also an example of how the club used the chant in the Barça toons: this is the toons celebrating Sant Jordi Day. The chant is heard from 0:44.