Chants: Esto es un chorreo!

Chants: Esto es un chorreo!

Today we’ll show you the first “anti-madridista” chant (even if it’s a very light one).

Two years ago, former Madrid’s president Vicente Boluda said that Madrid was going to “chorrear” (literally, “to drip”) Liverpool and Barça, meaning that Madrid would beat them soundly, scoring many goals. Liverpool won (4 – 0) and so did Barça (2 – 6) and from then on, the fans have used the word “chorreo” to make fun of Madrid if they lose.

The chant, in Spanish, goes like this:

“Eo eo eo! Esto es un chorreo!”

And the translation would be:

“Eo eo eo! This is a thrashing!”

In this video, by the youtube user FCBMesQueUnClubTV, we can hear the Barça squad chanting during the return flight to Barcelona after the 2 – 6. From 0:21 to 0:28 we can hear this chant twice.

(Just after this chant, Piqué chants the “1899” one, which can be found here, in our Chants section…even if his rhythm is far from perfect).