Interview: Lionel Messi

Barcelona player Lionel Messi last week gave an interview to French television station L’Equipe TV.  In this intriguing interview, Messi explains why Barcelona are the favorites for the Champions League again, and what has to be done in order to defend the trophy.

Barcelona: The Favorites for The Champions League

Messi: “Like I said before, “If we repeat the same things from last year, then we can be considered as favorites for the trophy.” The Champions League, as we all know it, its very difficult. Every team plays well, and everybody wants to win it. And we (Barcelona) have to go little by little, taking small steps, in order to see if we will be the favorites.

Question: Who are your main rivals?

Messi: The same ones as before. The English teams who are very strong, and also Madrid, if the new signed players integrate well into the squad. And the same teams who seem to keep on wanting the trophy.

Question: And the French teams no, right?

Messi: (Laughs) Well theres Lyon who try and try. And they are always the team who reach the quarter finals. And I truly believe that this year they have made some great signings who will help them reach the quarter finals once again.

Question: Was Lisandro Lopez a good signing or not?

Messi: Yes, he is a very good player indeed. He’s a forward that has many goals, and played well in Porto, the league, and the Champions. He’s a forward that’s always there and always makes goals. And he will be a good player for Lyon, certainly.

Question: The Ballon d’Or – a dream?

Messi: Yes certainly. It’s a dream to every soccer player. Like I said before, it will be the maximum award as an individual prize.

Question: Who is your favorite this year to win it?

Messi: (Laughs, Smiles) I would certainly love it if I were to get it. But I think that any soccer player from Barcelona deserves it because of the great year we had, and because Barcelona have some of the best players.

Question: But would it be a big disappointment if you didn’t win it? Because of all that you did.

Messi: No. No. But I was close to get it 2 years past. And like they say that the 3rd time is the charm, so I hope this will be my year.

Question: Do you think that 2010 can be your year? The Messi Year?

Messi: (Reflects Seriously) Hopefully that this year would be Barcelona’s year. And the year of Argentina, right? It would be something spectacular to have a happy ending at the club and the national team.

YouTube link to the interview